The Dunkeld Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO015429

The stone looking north

The stone looking west

The stone looking south-east

Also referred to as the Dunkeld Park stone. From the centre of Dunkeld head north west to the small road branching west towards Kings Seat. About a kilometre along is a small loch on the north side of the road. Park here and walk back about 100 metres on the south side of the road, where the stone can be seen standing in the north west corner of the field. There are no significant markings on this stone, though there are a few score marks where it has obviously been grazed by agricultural machinery.

According to the 1845 Statistical Account, Vol 10 p987:
It is traditionally reported, that the upright stone situated in a field near to Poll'-nan-gobhair, now called Pol-na-gates, marks the grave of a highland chieftain; but the name or cause of his death is unknown.

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