The Hawk Stane

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO205213

The stone looking south

The stone looking east

The stone looking north

The stone looking west

The engraving on the stone

Take the Errol road running due east out of St Madoes, and keep an eye on the left. At the entrance to Pitcoag Farm there is a sign - Hawkstone Cottage. Park carefully and ask permission to view the stone at the cottage. This was readily granted when I called, and the gentleman also pointed out some carving on the east face of the stone - the word 'Caledonia' has been engraved at some point in the past, at least 70 years ago according to the cottage's current owner.

Other than this there are no marks on the stone. This stone is connected with the Hays of Errol, and the Falcon Stone near Knapp.

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