Hilton of Moncrieffe

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO111207

The stone looking north

The stone looking east

Also known as: Hilton Hill, Hilton Junction, Kirkton Hill. Found by heading north up a rough track running north from the un-numbered road running west from the A912 at Craigend. The day I wandered up there were large numbers of boar in pens either side of the track. This stone is now recumbent, lying a few metres from where it once stood on a patch of rough ground and gorse. I spoke to the farmer, who said it had been moved there after it fell some number of years ago, and he is currently musing about re-erecting it. It would stand around 8 feet tall if he does so, it's a fairly solid piece of whinstone!

Date visited 8th December 2003

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