The Inchmartine Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO261276

The stone looking due west

The stone looking south, cup marks visible

A closer look at the cup marks - and some farm machinery scrapes...

This stone stands in the centre of a field just to the north of the A90 Dundee to Perth dual carriageway. Turn off the road into the Inchmartine Caravan Park drive and park off the road.

The stone measures 1.85m from NE to SW by 1.3m and 1.9m in height, shouldered away from the uppermost horizontal plane, according to Canmore - which also states "It is possible that the stone is no more than a large erratic boulder," I find this hard to believe, as the surveyor obviously didn't pay much attention on his visit. There is a clearly defined set of four cup marks in a rough diamond configuration low down on the NW aspect of the stone. Quite a dramatic stone, easily visible from the road. It has suffered from some machinery scrapes over the years, and there is very little space left round it by the farmer.

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