Murthly Castle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO071396

The stone in its field

Looking north

Looking east

Looking south

Looking west

This is a pretty big stone, around seven and a half feet tall. Watch out for the electric fence!

Since this page went on-line, I have been contacted by the proprietor of Murthly & Strathbraan Estates, on whose land the stone lies. A pleasant gentleman, he has rightly requested that permission is sought from the Estate itself, not at the castle, so that the residents there are not disturbed by something that is an Estate matter. He also requested that I mention that people should not disturb livestock, as cattle can be dangerous to children and dogs in particular, and pregnant sheep and cattle can miscarry if disturbed by dogs. I'm happy to do so as it is a sensible precaution, and one which all stone-hunters should observe.

Date visited: 30/5/04

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