Bridge of Lyon Cairn

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN732466

The north end of the stone

A view south over the cairn

The west face of the stone

This site, also known as Pontius Pilate's Grave, lies in a field just south of the Fearnan to Fortingall road. The cup-marked stone lies on top of a cairn, in a field containing a long cairn, a medieval moated site (originally thought to be a Roman camp) and a pair of standing stones. The cairn was excavated in 1884, and consisted of a pile of small stones overlaid with earth to a diameter of around 9m. Close to the base of the cairn, and S of the centre, fragments of human bone were found underneath two small flagstones. The cairn has a flat top to it, which is 5.50m in diameter, and rises to a height of 0.75m. Around the central cairn is a ditch which varies in width from 2.75m to 4.20m, and is 0.70m deep. Around this is a low bank 0.90m wide. The cup marked stone lies on the eastern edge of the cairn's ditch, but it is believed that it once stood upright on top of the cairn. On the stone's west face are 9 large cup-marks, while there is a further single cup-mark on the northern end.

Date visited 9th November 2003

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