The Roman Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN774206

The stones looking north

The stones looking west

The eastern stone showing cup marks

In the town of Comrie, take the B827 running south until you see a small farm road cutting east (left hand side as you drive south). There you will plainly see the stone known as the Roman Stone (or Western Cowden Farm stones), a strange little setting, consisting of one very large stone, with a pronounced eastern lean, which is known locally as the Roman Stone, a smaller one just beside it then 6 feet east a stone which has at least 20 cup marks on it. I splashed water on this in order to be able to photograph it better (handy hint for those of you who don't know it already - always carry a flask of water for the stones!). This is yet another site where the lazy need not ever leave the car!

Visited 13th March 2003

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