Seward's Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO286437

The stone looking north

The stone looking south

The stone looking west

Closer, looking north

Top of the stone

This stone stands in the grounds of the Belmont Centre near Meigle, just a few hundred yards away from the Macbeth Stone. You can park at Belmont Centre and walk up the castle drive (ask permission, it's a site used a lot by schools so there are often a lot of children about). The stone's on the left a couple of hundred metres up the path, just inside a field which had several horses in it today. Not much to look at, about a metre high with a slight tilt to the west.

I spoke to a couple of people in the area about it, but despite having searched the Statistical Accounts and a couple of other references I can't ascertain why it is thus named - it sounds almost Danish, and certainly other stones are named after battles with the Danes. This one, however, seems to have no such tale attached to it.

Date visited; 29th April 2004

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