Spittal of Glenshee

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO109703

The stone looking east

The stone looking west

This stone stands on a low mound to the rear of the old kirk in Spittal. Take the A93 from Blairgowrie, Spittal of Glenshee lies in a bend in the road just before the long climb up towards the ski slopes. It's easiest to park at the Spittal Inn, (the coffee's not bad and they do a mean carrot cake...) and walk down the road towards the bridge. Cross it and bear left, you'll see the stone easily enough. Bit of a muddy scramble up the slope, but again, the views are worth it. No visible markings on the stone, though someone had left a candle below it and a small stone with the words 'Sheila RIP' painted on it. No evidence of any damage to the stone itself from this small personal memorial.

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