Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO038637

The south face, showing the diagonal grooves quite clearly

Looking NW - diagonal grooves showing up quite well

Looking west - quite a pronounced north-wards lean

The north face

Off the A924 in Glen Brerachan, this stone stands just inside a field to the south of the road. Straloch is easily accessible, as there is a convenient layby just opposite the stone, and the farmer has provided a stile which makes life very easy - full marks to him. This oddly-shaped stone is over 2 metres tall, but really thin - only about 40 cm or so, and the south face has strange diagonal striping on it, which shows up well in a couple of the photographs! I assume they are weathering, but very reminiscent of Tuilyies. It is aligned NE/SW and has an oblong section missing from its northern side. Quite a dramatic stone, it's tucked down next to the River Ardle behind some trees and a over a large ditch down on the same level as the river. The shininess of parts of the stone show that it is a favourite rubbing place for the cattle and sheep!

Visited 16th April 2003

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