West Blair

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO108103

The stone looking east

The stone looking west

The stone looking north

A bit of back road navigation is required to find this one, and it's not marked on the OS map. It lies above the Glenfarg Reservoir. This stone stands around 1.2m tall, and appears to be sandstone. At some point in the past it has been reinforced by cementing in some field clearance stones around the base. It hasn't been moved, however, as I saw it marked on a map dating from around 1740, in the position it occupies today. Some pretty good views from where it stands.

There are the remains of an old priory a couple of hundred metres WNW, and another nearby hill is called Temple Hill, apparently the Knights Templar owned the area at some point in the past.

Visited 3rd June 2003

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