The Witch's Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO044375

The stone looking north east

Leave the A9 at Bankfoot and drive north on the BB867 to Waterloo. Take the Meickle Obney road northwest, and approximately 1km up the road you will see the stone on your right hand side beside the fence. There are no obvious markings on it, although it has been used to secure fencing in the past. On the day that I visited a herd of cows were kind enough to stand aside (all except one!) so that I could take the photograph. The reason for the name is unknown as there are no records of anyone in the immediate area being convicted of witchcraft. Three people were accused of witchcraft in Dunkeld, just north of here, in 1598, but were acquitted. Two women were convicted in Perth the same year, however. Thanks to the "Craigie Column" of the local newspaper, "The Courier", for the information.

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