Kilspindie Stone Row

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO175248

The most westerly stone in the row

The central stone, with clearance rubble

Another view of the central stone

The most easterly stone of the row of 3

Another view of the easternmost stone

The row looking WSW

Close up of the easternmost stone - cup marks or just weathering?

The 'outlier' looking WSW towards the true row

Take the turning into Glencarse from the A90 between Perth and Dundee. Head NNW just after the hotel, and follow signs for Gouktoun. Take a right, then right again for Balthayock, and follow this road for about two miles. The stones lie within the farm lands of Commonbank Farm, lying to the west of the road. They are accessible via the farm road and through the fields, but permission should be sought from the farmer as stock are in the fields. I found the people on the farm to be very helpful.

There are two sites here, the row/alignment, and the remains of a four poster. Both of these contain cup marks. I came back to have another look here nearly 4 years on from my initial visit, armed with more information and the benefit of 4 years intensive stone-visiting. Although Canmore describes 3 stones, there is a fourth, at a greater distance from the other 3, but on exactly the same ENE-WSW alignment. The 3 stones lie approximately 7m apart, the 'outlier' is 35m away from the most easterly of the 3. Not sure about this - it's not as large as the 3 in the row, but just looks and feels right. The most easterly in the row does have some possible weathered cup marks on the upper face.

Date of re-visit 13th November 2003

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