The Grange of Conon Souterrain

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO574451

The souterrain entrance looking south

The second pile to the SW

Looking NE from the second area

This site lies in a field SW of a back road into Arbroath. Travel along the B961 which runs from the NE of Dundee until just before the hamlet of Cononsyth there is a crossroads. Take the road on the right towards Arbroath, and it's about 2/3 of a mile down here. Parking can be a bit awkward, but you'll see the site in the field - resembling nothing so much as a pile of overgrown rubble.

According to Canmore, air photography (21 May 2002) has recorded the soilmark of a possible souterrain here. There is certainly a pile of stones, laid up over what may be a large flat capping stone, with a similar smaller pile some thirty feet SW - possibly the other end of it. Certainly not a very exciting site! Again, according to Canmore, the upper stone of a circular rotary quern, 52.5cm in diameter, was found in the field which lies to the S of that containing the souterrain, and is now in Dundee Museum.

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