The Auldallan Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO298583

The standing stone looking north to Knowehead of Auldallan Farm

Looking south west showing both stones

These stones are a bit off the beaten track. Knowehead of Auldallan Farm is north of Pitmudie on the B951 (see Pitmudie Stone Row). Find Pitmudie and turn north on the Balintore road (un-numbered). Drive up past the ruined Balintore Castle ( a real Brigadoon affair! ) and about 1/2 km along to the east is Knowehead of Auldallan Farm. Ask permission (readily granted when I called) and head down the fields, negotiating 2 gates. Always ask, as there are stock in the fields. The 2 stones are in a fenced-off area, one standing and the other recumbent. The farmer told me that the recumbent one had been pushed over many years ago by cattle rubbing against it! When standing, it must have been aligned with the other on an approximate SSW axis.

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