Pitmudie Stone Row

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO275565

The upright stone looking south

The 3 stones looking south east

The 3 stones on the south west axis

From Alyth, follow the B954 northwards past the Loch of Lintrathen over on the right, until the road forks at Dykend. Follow the B951 for approximately 2km until just before Pitmudie. Park at the side of the road, climb the fence into the wood on the north side of the road, and follow the fence as it zigzags uphill. At the second north-to-east junction, climb over the inner fence and head approximetely 50m north east, where you will soon see the upright stone amongst the broom. There are 3 stones, a large (3.5m) upright and 2 recumbent ones. It is easy to see that they were all originally upright, aligned on a south-west axis. Following the line south west points to the Kilry stone, and north east to the stones at Knowehead of Auldallan. Seriously spooky stuff, I'll leave any conclusions to the ley line/magnetic/conspiracy theorists! Beautiful views of the scenery to the north of here, well worth a visit.

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