The Courthill Circle

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO185483

The circle looking north-west

The circle looking north-east, outlier visible in the distance

The circle looking south-east

The circle looking south-west

Looking down towards the circle approaching the outlier

This ruined circle lies to the east side of the road leading north out of Blairgowrie past Bonnington and towards the Parkneuk stones. There is a massive outlier just to the north-east.

Burl rates it as a four-poster, datable to c.1800 B.C. Canmore states: "A four-poster, generally as planned by Allen. The smallest stone is in the N, but the other three are roughly the same size. The southerly stone is now broken in half, and is obviously not in situ, and there is some doubt whether the other three are in their original positions. The stones, all rough boulders, occur on the edge of a slight mound (c. 9.0m in diameter and 0.2m high) which may be original but could be due to the effects of ploughing and erosion by animals. Quantities of field-gathered stones have been piled in and around the circle." And that's about what you get here - lovely site, but the circle/four-poster is, these days, a bit of a disaster. I tend to think there were six stones here originally, having done a bit of elementary pacing about. The outlier is quite magnificent, though!

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