The Courthill Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO185483

The stone looking south

The stone looking west

The stone looking north-west

A closer look at the cup marks

The stone looking north-east - cupmarks lower right

This stone lies to the east side of the road leading north out of Blairgowrie past Bonnington and towards the Parkneuk stones. This appears to be the outlier for the ruined circle just south of here. There is another circle at Hill of Drimmie just north, and the Parkneuk stones are not too far north of that one, so this is a stone-rich environment.

Selections from Canmore: "Known as the Glenballoch Stone, this standing stone is a whinstone block. This massive stone is situated on the forward slope of a terrace 310m NE of the former saw mill at Craighall. Aligned with its long axis NNE to SSW, it measures 2.6m by 1.7m at the base, rising with sloping sides to a flat top at a height of 2.5m. Close to the base of the E face of the stone, there are nine plain cupmarks measuring up to 80mm by 30mm." Couldn't make out nine myself, but there's a very distinct group of four in a diamond shape.

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