Upper Gaskan

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN747611

The central cup marked stone

Another view of the cup marked stone and S arc of the circle

The SW arc of the circle

Disrupted cairn just to the north of the circle

Follow the B8019 W to Tummel Bridge but instead of crossing the river at Tummel Bridge, stay heading W on the N bank of the Tummel, and take the next turn to your right, following the edge of Tummel Forest. After approximately 2.0km there is a track to the left which passes by the white cottage of Over Bohespic. Park down by the road here, making sure to leave enough room for people to get in and out. Walk up the forestry track past the cottage, and climb over the locked gate. Keep following the track up (past the Over Bohespic cup marked stone) until it forks, and take the right hand track. About 200m along here you'll notice that the tall, thick pines of the plantation give way to smaller, thinner pines. It's just after this change that you can see the huge cup-marked stone down to your right. (directions courtesy of Andy Sweet).

The Scottish Megaraks visited on 9th November, following a visit by George Currie and Andy Sweet, who mapped out what appear to be two concentric circles - a very interesting site, though the trees make it extremely difficult to photograph, and the shade of the trees adds to the problems. The stone at the centre measures 1.7m x 2.0m across it's top, and is between 0.7m and 0.9m high, depending which end you measure at. The upper surface is profusely decorated with many weathered cup-marks. CANMORE says at least 28, but we could only count 15 or 16 clearly. Just NE of the site are the remains of 2 small cairns, robbed-out to help build a nearby wall, and largely ruined by foresting machinery. The lower picture illustrates the southernmost cairn.

Date visited 9th November 2003

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