Over Bohespic

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN741611

The stone with cup marks

Another view

George Currie discovered this stone on our recent trip to Upper Gaskan. On the track back downhill, as we were nearing the road junction, he leapt off the track into the trees and began brushing pine needles off a large boulder. We stood, wondering what on earth he was up to. Then -"Aha!" - we all piled in to see what he had found. And there was a cup marked rock - one cup surrounded by a circle of several more. The photos aren't too great as it was dim and dark in there, but George scores again! We think he can smell them....

"In the flesh" it's much easier to make out - it looks as though there's one central cup-mark surrounded by a ring of others (similar to ones in Argyll) or perhaps an unfinished rough ring.

Date visited 9th November 2003

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