Appin of Dull

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN803491

One of the cup marked stones in the field adjacent to Dull

Another stone with cup marks in the same field

In the field adjacent to Dull chapel, the OS notes the existence of cup marked rocks. There are a few, and some of the positions are interesting, as they appear to point towards the circles at Carse Farm 1 & 2. A bit of fun for those who like to draw connections! Big Sweetie, Scotty and I visited, and had a good hunt about. Scotty found the stone with two cup marks (pictured top). Standing on a large natural outcrop in the NE corner of the field, this stone lined up nicely with Carse Farm 1. The second cup marked stone (lower picture) forms a line which, when extended runs from the site of the chapel down to Carse Farm 2 four poster. There are supposed to be cup marked rocks in the western corner of the field, but we couldn't find them - many of these rocks are covered in moss and turf.

The Knights Templar no longer own the Chapel at Dull, and the (one of many) replica Stone of Destiny has, I believe, been removed to the Aberdeen area. A dig has been taking place there this past week, and as well as many human remains, two cross slabs have been found. One is probably a monk's grave marker, being inscribed with a simple cross. The other has been dated to the 8th century, and is reasonably intricately carved, showing an Irish influence. A medieval arrowhead, and a silver groat from the reign of Robert III (1390-1406) and minted at Dumbarton, were also found.

Documentary sources indicate that there was an early monastic settlement here, possibly founded by St Adamnan (Columba's biographer) who lived 624 to 704 c.e. John of Fordun (1320-1384) suggests that the monks of Dull founded a college, later transferred to St Andrews, and the forerunner of the University there.

Date visited - 22nd June 2003

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