Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO148363

Looking down on the cup marks

Across the stone at the cupmarks

The stone in its scenic setting

Another view

Another view

Close up of the cup marks

Close up of the cup marks

Also known as Balhomie - I called here today to photograph the Cargill Pictish symbol stone built into a rockery at the house. Spoke to the lady there and was told there was another stone there too. In a different bit of the garden, but it was OK to go and take a look. I'm glad I did.

I don't think this stone is in its original position, it's just too well landscaped. I rather think that it may well have been acquired at the same time the Pictish stone was removed from Whitefield Farm. But it is a standing stone, as the three well-defined cup marks point out. A nice surprise as I don't see any reference to it in Canmore. The lady of the house didn't know where it had come from, unfortunately.

Date visited 4th March 2005

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