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The stone in the rockery

The stone in the rockery

Close up on the incisions

Close up on the incisions

Also known as West Whitefield Farm, or Balhomie House.

From Canmore: "A Pictish symbol stone was discovered by A Fergusson, schoolmaster of Cargill, standing in a dyke enclosing a plantation about a mile W from Whitefield Farm. It is of whinstone c3ft high above ground, c2ft broad, and 10" thick, the incised work being on the W side of the stone."

This Class 1 stone was moved at some time in the past to its present position, forming part of a rockery wall just to the SE of Balhomie House. It comprises a whinstone slab measuring 0.93m by 0.65m and 0.3m in thickness, faintly bearing a rectangular symbol, with opposed 'commas' and linear decoration on either side of a central motif, as well as a further small rectangle and a vertical line. These are rather difficult to make out nowadays, as my photographs show, but an excellent illustration of the markings can be found here.

Ask permission at Balholmie house before viewing the stone. I found that it was readily granted, and the lady also pointed out a standing stone in the gardens which I didn't know about previously. It can be seen at Balholmie.

Date visited 4th March 2005

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