Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO091568

The stone looking south

The stone looking west

The stone looking north

Looking SE, with the mound holding the 2-poster in the background

Also known as Stylemouth. This stone is easily spotted on the A924 from Bridge of Cally to Pitlochry - it stands in a field next to the road, on the SW side. There's a very small area on the north side of the road where it's possible to park.

This is a pretty large chunk of rock, with no discernible markings on it. It looks almost square in section being about 1.5 m high. It is also aligned with the nearby Balnabroich Two-Poster. No stock in the field today, though there was an extremely large bull in the field next door! It was at one time recently enclosed by some sort of cage, but this has now been removed.

Visited 16th April 2003

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