Balnabroich Two Poster

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO091566

Looking west across the pair

Looking NW. The large brown blob behind the right-hand stone is a large (and fortunately placid) bull!

The eastern stone, showing some of the grooves

Looking east across the pair

The western stone, looking SW

This pair lies in Strathardle, just to west of the A924 (Bridge of Cally to Pitlochry) at the entrance to Stylemouth farm. A tree-covered mound lies just beside the track down to the farm. Access is fairly straightforward, though parking can be awkward - I walked back from where I had parked near the Balnabroich stone.

These two large stones lie almost due E-W, in a sheltered location in amongst the trees. No discernible markings on them, though the eastern stone has several deep grooves in it - probably natural weathering. A lovely little spot, though my visit was tempered with quite a few glances over my shoulder to the field next to the mound, which housed an extremely large bull. The fence between us was about 3 strands of low wire, and would not have caused him any problems had he decided to make an issue of it. The day was too hot, though, and he lay placidly chewing the cud as I beat my retreat...

Visited 16th April 2003

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