The Fingask Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO229271

The stone looking south (note grooves on left side of stone)

The stone looking west

The stone looking north

The stone looking east

Close-up of one of the grooves

The easiest way to visit this stone is to combine it with a look at the Rait Farm cup marked stone. Park at the Antiques centre and walk up to the farm itself. Take the track leading east (your right) and follow it along towards the walled garden. As the track curves upwards you will see the stone in the little field north of you.

Canmore states simply "This standing stone is situated about 320m SSE of Fingask Castle and close to the SW corner of a walled garden. It measures 1.2m from NE to SW by 0.8m and 1.5m in height." But there's more to this one than initially meets the eye. Have a very careful look at the north face - two grooves run vertically up the face of the stone. They do not look to be natural. On the SE side there is a smaller one at the foot of the stone - this proved easier to photograph than the others. Very reminiscent of the markings on the main stone at Tuilyies, I thought!

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