Bridge of Lyon

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN731464

The stones looking south from the fence

Looking south east

Looking east north east

Looking north

The stones lie in a field just south of the road running west from the village of Fortingall, second field in from the one containing Pontius Pilate's Grave. It appears to be around 1.5m tall, but we could not access the field on our visit as there were pregnant sheep in there with it.

Second visit by the Scottish Megaraks was a bit more successful. There are two stones here, though only one stone now stands, while 5m to the NE the second is partly buried, with only a metre of it visible. The New Statistical Account describes the Bridge of Lyon stones as "two obelisks, the one about 6 feet high: the other lying on the ground, having been undermined some fifty or eighty years ago". Quite beautiful views from this stone!

Visited 1st June 2003, revisited 9th November 2003

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