The Aberlemno Church Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO523556

The west face of the stone

The east face of the stone

Take the B9134 old Brechin road north-east out of Forfar, and proceed until just before the village of Aberlemno, where a signpost directs you down a small road to the church. There is parking space just down the road behind the church. The stone itself stands just in front of the church, in the small churchyard. It is an excellent Class 2 stone, bearing a Celtic cross on the west face, decorated with interlace and flanked by entwined beasts. The east face depicts a battle scene below Pictish symbols. It is supposed to record the defeat of the Northumbrian king Ecgfrith by the Picts, led by king Bridei, at nearby Nechtansmere. The archaeologist Anna Ritchie has interpreted the stone thus : (from the top) Ecgfrith flees from Bridei, dropping his sword and shield; Ecgfrith confronts footsoldiers; after facing Bridei, Ecgfrith is killed and becomes carrion for a raven. A hole has been bored through the upper part of the stone at a later date. A well preserved stone, and thoroughly worth a visit.

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