Symbol Stones

Symbol Stones were mostly thought to have been produced between 550 AD and 850 AD, though there is evidence to show they may have started as early as the mid-400's AD. They are generally sub-divided into Class 1 (Pictish symbols only) and Class 2 (Pictish and Christian symbols mixed). Some general information on the Picts can be found here. Two books you might find useful are :
"Field Guide to the Pictish Symbol Stones" -- Alastair Mack
Pinkfoot Press, 1997, ISBN 1-874012-06-7
"The Pictish Symbol Stones of Scotland" -- Anthony Jackson
Orkney Press, 1984, ISBN 0-907618-10-3

Several museums in this area have collections of symbol or sculptured stones.
They may be found at :
Pictavia, off the A90 at Brechin, NO582601
Interactive exhibition with some actual stones and several cast replicas.
McManus Galleries, Dundee (run by Dundee Arts and Heritage Department) - 6 stones
The Meffan Institute, West High Street, Forfar - 5 cross slabs plus 12 fragments
Open Mon - Sat 10 am to 5 pm. NO445506
Montrose Museum, Panmure Place, Montrose - 2 stones
Open Mon - Sat, 10 am to 5 pm. NO775770
Meigle Museum, Angus (run by Historic Scotland) - 25 stones,
in Meigle on the A94. NO287445 Tel: 01828 640612 Open Summer Only
Have a look here
St. Vigean's Museum, by Arbroath, Angus NO639429 (run by Historic Scotland) - 30 stones

Many of the sites listed here are scheduled ancient monuments. This does not, however, imply public right of access, showing merely their legal status. Further information, if required, may be gained from Historic Scotland.

Two of the stones featured, the Murthly Panel and the Bullion Stone, reside in the Chambers Street, Edinburgh, National Museum of Scotland. These good people follow the extremely enlightened policy of actually allowing you to photograph the stones in their collection - I take my hat off to them, with many grateful thanks. Would that others took such a civilised attitude....

The Aberlemno Stones
Two carved and one plain stones at Aberlemno, Angus
The Aberlemno Church Stone
A beautifully carved Celtic Cross stone at Aberlemno, Angus
The Abernethy Stone
An interesting stone in Abernethy, Perthshire
The Apostles' Stone
Remarkable carved stone in Dunkeld, Perthshire
The Arbirlot Stone
Eroded carved stone in Arbirlot, near Arbroath, Angus
The Bruceton Stone
A strangely carved Symbol Stone near Alyth, Perthshire
The Bullion Stone
Alba's first public house sign, National Museum of Scotland. Simply fantastic!
Camus's Cross
A finely carved Cross stone near Craigton, Angus
The Cargill Stone
A stone with Pictish symbols at Balholmie House, Perthshire
The Stones at Dull
A cross, two cross stones and a cup-marked rock - Dull, Perthshire
The Dunfallandy Cross Stone
A beautifully carved Celtic Cross stone at Dunfallandy, Perthshire
The Dunkeld Cross Slab
Remains of a Cross slab at Dunkeld, Perthshire
The Dunnichen Stone
A stone with Pictish symbols at Dunnichen, Angus
The Dupplin Cross
A magnificent Celtic Cross at Dunning, Perthshire
The Eassie Stone
A truly magnificent Symbol Stone in Eassie Kirk, Angus
The Fowlis Wester Stones
Two beautifully carved Celtic Cross stones at Fowlis Wester, Perthshire
The Girdlestane
A cup and ring marked rock near Letham, Angus
The Glamis Cross Stone
A beautifully carved Celtic Cross stone near Glamis, Angus
Gleneagles B
A Pictish symbol stone near Gleneagles, Perthshire
High Keillor Farm Symbol Stone
A beautifully carved Symbol Stone near High Keillor Farm, by Newtyle, Angus
The Inchbrayock 1 Stone
A well defined Class 2 (The Samson Stone) in Montrose Museum, Angus
The Kinnell Manse Stone
A small pair of serpents on a stone near Friockheim, Angus
The Kirriemuir Stones
Three beautifully carved stones (originals in the Meffan Institute, Forfar), Angus
The Logierait Cross Slab
A finely carved Celtic Cross slab in Logierait, Perthshire
Martin's Stone
A carved Symbol Stone near Bridgefoot, Angus
The Menmuir 1 Stone
A very worn cross slab in the Meffan Institute, Forfar, Angus
The Murthly Panel
An interesting carved slab in the National Museum
The Rossie Stone
Superb Class II cross slab at Rossie, Perthshire
Old Struan Kirk Stone
A carved Pictish Symbol stone in Old Struan, Perthshire
The St Fergus Manse Stone
A wonderfully carved Celtic Cross stone at the Manse of St Fergus Kirk, Glamis, Angus
St Orland's Stone
A beautifully carved Celtic Cross stone north of Glamis, Angus

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