The Apostles' Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO024426

The cross face of the stone

The rear of the stone

The upper portion of the rear face

The lower rear, showing the Apostles

The right edge, upper carving of horseman

The lower figures on the right edge

This very interesting, though heavily weathered, stone is housed in the Chapter House museum of Dunkeld Cathedral. This had a chequered history, dating from the 9th century. It was at one time used as a gatepost to the cathedral... The cross face is heavily weathered and defaced, but according to Sutherland and others, shows horsemen, and possibly Daniel in the lion's den. The reverse side is interesting, with two rows of 6 men, thought to be the Apostles and hence the name of the stone. Above them are a number of men plus a circular disc, which Sutherland comments may be the miracle of the loaves and fishes. On the right edge is a mounted man above a larger figure complete with halo, with 3 smaller men below. The left edge has been heavily defaced. All in all worth a visit. The Cathedral itself is well worth a look just for its beautiful setting beside the Tay, and items inside it include the tomb of Alexander Stewart, the 'Wolf of Badenoch', plus the now sadly headless effigy of Bishop Sinclair, staunch patriot and chaplain to both Wallace and the Bruce during the Wars of Independence.

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