The Arbirlot Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO601403

The stone looking due south

Lower part, faintly showing cross and book

Upper aspect - cross and book

The small circle just below the upper cross

Arbirlot is a village situated just west of Arbroath. It used to stand in the wall of the old manse but has now been mounted in the grounds of the new manse, on the west side of the little road leading in to the old manse. The new manse is currently unoccupied, but I asked the gentleman at the old manse for permission to photograph it, and this was readily granted (31/1/03). The stone was found in the foundations of the old kirk here.

It stands around 5-1/2 feet tall, and is incised on one side only. Two crosses, one at the top and one below, and two books, with a small circle just below the upper cross and to the left of the upper book. It is fairly eroded, but the symbols are reasonably deeply incised.

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