The Bullion Stone

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The stone face on

Closer from the left

Closer from the right

The National Museum of Scotland is in Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Ask at the door to be pointed towards the Pictish Stones Collection, which is downstairs. The museum attendants are extremely helpful, and you may take photographs of the stones provided you are not using a tripod - a very enlightened attitude.

This stone originates from Invergowrie, and was apparently found at NO343305. The description from Elizabeth Sutherland's 'The Pictish Guide' sums it up beautifully: "An old warrior with shield awry, balding head, untrimmed beard, bulbous nose and pot-belly riding an equally jaded horse. The old warrior drinks from a horn with the terminal showing a bird's head with an amused yet scornful expression.'

I don't think that can be improved upon, really. A marvellous carving, full of a sense of fun. In essence, the first ever Scottish pub sign! The photos aren't great, but I will return with proper kit and have another go soon.

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