Dunfallandy Cross Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN946565

The stone, east face

The stone, west face

Just off the A9, standing on Mausoleum Mound at Dunfallandy House, on the west bank of the River Tummel just south of Pitlochry, this is a magnificent Class 2 symbol stone. Historic Scotland have built a protective casing around the stone, which unfortunately whilst protecting it from further erosion makes it extremely difficult to photograph successfully. The stone was visited on November 18th 2000, during a Scottish Megalithic Group field trip, and attempts by Martin McCarthy, Alligator Descartes and Jeannie Sutherland were made to photograph this stone at the time, with varying degrees of success.

Moved to its present site just before 1900 after being discovered in the old chapel at Killiecrankie. The East face of the stone is a mass of Pictish symbols, and repays close study. Two enthroned figures are linked by a cross, with a Pictish beast, double-disk and crescent with V-rod above. A mounted figure lies below, with another beast and double-disk, all in relief. Below this are incised a hammer, anvil and tongs.
The west face features a magnificent Celtic Cross whose background contains nine panels, featuring seraphs, deer and several fantastic beasts. This stone is well worth a visit.

Irene, Cathy, Jeannie and Mrs Descartes laugh at the photographic fiasco

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