The Dunnichen Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO509488

The Dunnichen replica Stone

The original stone is in the Meffan Institute in Forfar, a few miles away. This replica stands in front of the kirk at Dunnichen, via the B1928 south east then an un-numbered road into Dunnichen itself. It stands on a little triangular green in front of the kirk. The stone was originally discovered in 1805 below Dunnichen Hill, and according to Jervise (1857) 'a stone coffin and bones were got below it'. It was then moved to the grounds of Dunnichen house, and again to where the replica now stands. The Meffen Institute in Forfar is three miles away, easy to find in West High Street, and should not be missed. It's an excellent little museum which displays all the Kirriemuir Collection of stones as well as the Dunnichen original. The staff are friendly and helpful.

The stone itself is inscribed with a flower, above a fine double-disc and Z-rod, these above a mirror and comb. The discs are carved with seven whorls in each, and the flower (with two heads hanging to the right) is considered by Mack to be most beautiful example.

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