The Eassie Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO354475

Main face of the stone

Reverse face of the stone

Close-up of upper carving, main face

Close-up of lower carving, main face

Upper reverse face of the stone

Lower reverse face of the stone

Upper main face of the stone

Lower main face of the stone

Eassie village is situated on the A94 Coupar Angus to Forfar road. Turn off down into the village, north off the main road, and drive down until you see the ruins of the old kirk up on your left. There is a grassy area just down from here which may be used for parking. The stone is well-protected in a glass case inside the actual church itself, and as can be seen from the photographs, this is a classic Class 2 stone in a fairly good state of preservation. There is an information board provided by Historic Scotland giving some history of the carved stones of the area. The top photographs are fairly poor, it was a very bright day and the glass case proved difficult to shoot through without catching all sorts of reflections. I returned in May 2001 and shot the 4 lower photographs, which are something of an improvement - but you should still go and see it for yourself!

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