The Fowlis Wester Stones

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN929241

Celtic Cross face of the replica stone

Upper rear of the replica stone

Lower rear of the replica stone

Second stone in the church

A better shot of the second stone

Fowlis Wester is a little village situated a couple of miles east of Crieff just off the A85. Drive up into the village and park in the square, where a replica of the great stone as been erected. It's a pretty good piece of work in itself, and the figures on the rear of the stone stand out well. The church is close by, and this is where the original stone sits, along with an excellent Class 2 which repays study. My flash unit wasn't working well the day I called, so the picture of the Class 2 stone is pretty poor. I have managed a better shot of this since - see the last photo!

The primary slab is some 3.15m tall. The cross side features 8 raised bosses in a circle round a central boss. There are traces of birds and animals near the base of the cross. The other side includes a double-disk, horsemen, a Pictish beast, two horsemen riding side by side, one carrying a hawk, a cow, six men with shields a crescent and V-rod, and a man fighting a Pictish beast.

The Class 2 is beautifully carved, unfortunately this is not well conveyed by my rather poor photograph. The stone is damaged down in the lower right corner, and stands so close to the wall it is impossible to discern if there is any carving at the rear. It features a ringed cross set on a square base of 5 panels of knotwork, spirals and plaits. Top left, the whale which swallowed Jonah. Top right, the whale regurgitates Jonah. On either side of the shaft are two hermits, identified as Anthony and Paul. Below Paul (left) are two tonsured monks.

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