The Inchbrayock 1 Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO775770

The stone - cross face

The stone - reverse face

Currently housed in the Montrose Museum, Panmure Place, Montrose, this is a photograph of the replica at Pictavia. Also known as the Samson stone, Sutherland describes it thus:
"Front: a decorated ringed cross with stepped armpits, a spiral pattern in the arms and key pattern in the centre. The upper background displays zoomorphic interlace. In the left lower background, a rampant or possibly prone beast with a reptile between its front and hind legs. It is thought to represent the lion slain by Samson from which 'came forth sweetness'. In the right panel, a beast-headed Delilah cutting off the sleeping Samson's hair. You can clearly see the shears in her hand.
Back: the top shows and armed and mounted warrior surrounded by strange creatures, one of which may be a hound leaping towards that familiar beast with legs tucked under its body. The same creature appears in the right corner above the warrior's head. The Tree of Life (perhaps) is carved in the form of the tempting serpent with the fruit as ornamented discs. This upper scene perhaps symbolises Samson as a warrior-hunter on his journey through life. Below, Samson with his long hair in the centre slaying the Philistine with the jaw-bone of an ass. Note the jaw-bone is incorrectly devised. Behind him perhaps a dead Philistine prone with knees drawn up and eyes closed."

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