High Keillor Farm Symbol Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO274398

The Symbol Stone looking towards the north

Close up of the disk markings

Another view of the disk markings

Take the A923 north west from Dundee towards Coupar Angus. At Pitcur turn east towards Newtyle. About 3.5 kilometres along this road is a wide turning on the right into High Keillor Farm, above you on the hillside. Park here at the side, and cross the road. This is a magnificent stone, but unfortunately a bit overgrown and surrounded by telegraph poles. Careful positioning should reward you with a clear photograph of it, however, and as you can see it is well worth viewing.

This granite slab, which is designated a Class 1 stone and measures 1.98m in height and 1.75m in width at ground level, is set upright in a modern socket-stone on the summit of a cairn. Aligned ENE-WSW, the stone has incised on it an animal, possibly a wolf, at the top, a double-disc and Z-rod in the centre, and a mirror and comb arranged vertically near the base. It is alternatively known as the Baldowie Stone.

Revisited this today, four years on from my initial visit. The area round the stone has been cleared and walled off, and a small opening in the wall allows easy access. This is a great improvement on previously, when the stone was rather overgrown by various weeds and bushes. A lovely spot with amazing views to the north.

Site visited 12th September 2003

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