The Kirriemuir Stones

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Five stones were found at Kirriemuir when the old church of St Mary was being demolished. Originally placed in the graveyard, they were removed to the Meffan Institute in Forfar, along with 17 fragments found during the enlargement of Kirriemuir Parish Church. The three featured on this page are cast replicas on display at Pictavia.

Stone One - cross face

Stone One - reverse face

Stone 1 has a Latin cross face with interlace, the top panels featuring figures facing inward. The left one is missing his head, the other appears to have a bird head. The two lower panels feature men with books. It is postulated by Sutherland that these may represent Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
The reverse has two panels. In the upper, two monks bow towards each other, holding a circular object between them, possibly (Sutherland and Mack) Saints Anthony and Paul breaking bread in the desert. The third figure is on the right, face on. In the lower panel sits an enthroned female, with mirror and comb to the left, and an unidentified object (loom or stringed instrument?) to the right.

Stone Two - cross face

Stone Two - reverse face

Stone 2 is a large, almost intact slab. The key-pattern decorated cross has intertwined beasts in the lower part of the shaft. There are angels in the upper quadrants, a deer hunt in the lower right, and lower left features a bearded, long-haired man striding out in what appears to be a kilt with plaid over the shoulders (filidh mhor?). He carries a staff or spear.
The reverse side features two horsemen, in a hunting scene. There is also a double-disc and Z-rod, the stone's only symbols.

Stone Five - cross face

Stone Five - reverse face

Stone 5 is a small, nearly rectangular cross slab with undecorated crosses on both sides. The front is bordered with a square key pattern, both have basic knotwork in the panels.

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