The Logierait Cross Slab

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NN968520

The cross face

The reverse face

The village of Logierait lies on the A827 just off the A9 at the Ballinluig turning. Park in the village and walk up to the church, as there is no convenient parking close by. The 1.3m high whinstone slab lies just south of the main gable end of the kirk, between the wall and an enclosure containing 3 mortsafes. Sutherland describes it thus:
Front: a decorated cross with central medallion and four raised bosses in rounded armpits. Spiral terminations at the foot of the shaft.
Back: part of a horseman with spear. The horse wears a detailed bridle and fringed saddle blanket. Below, a serpent entwined around a ?sceptre.

Although unfortunately badly damaged at some point in the past, sufficient remains to make this an interesting stone. Apparently there is another very weathered stone inside the church itself, but we did not enter the day we visited (Megark outing 13/10/02). Canmore describes it as having a quadrilobate Celtic Cross with 'S-dragons' flanking, whilst on the reverse are a double-disc and a serpent and Z-rod. I'll have to return here and have a look!

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