Martin's Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO374376

The decorated east face of the stone

Leave Dundee from Downfield and through Bridgefoot, heading north towards Craigowl Hill. The stone is in the middle of a field, surrounded by an iron fence. There is a place to pull in by the road side. Martin's Stone has long been associated with the tale of the Dundee Dragon. The farmer at Pitempton had nine daughters, and one day he sent one to the well for water. When she did not return, he sent another, and so on until all nine were missing. When he investigated he found their mangled remains along with a great serpent or dragon. On rousing the countryside, a young man named Martin. lover of one of his daughters, attacked the dragon and eventually slew it.

    An old rhyme still quoted locally says :
    "Tempted at Pitempton,
    Draigled at Baldragon,
    Stricken at Strathmartin,
    And kill'd at Martin's Stane."

    The stone is 1.2m in height by 0.7m width, and is graded Class 2. It is sculptured in relief, on the east facing side only, with the lower part of an arm of a cross within which is a horeseman. Below that there is another horseman and a serpent, a Z-rod symbol and a Pictish beast.

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