The Kilry Stone

Ordnance Survey Map Reference NO244545

Looking north-east

Looking south-east

Looking south-west

Looking west

From Alyth take the B954 north until the road forks, signposted for Dykehead and Kilry. Follow this un-numbered road until you see Kilry School, a small building. There is a little cottage opposite, appropriately named "Standing Stone". There's not much in the way of parking here, and the road is very narrow. The stone is to the north side of the cottage down a private track - please ask before entering. It sits in a peaceful glade in the trees, and on the map, appears to be perfectly aligned with the Pitmudie Stone Row and the Auldallan Stones. You can't see any one from the others, but try it on the map with a ruler.... Spooky! I'll leave discussion of this coincidence to the believers in ley lines, etcetera. Revisited 27/2/03.

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