The Scottish Megaraks

(Megalithic Anoraks)

The Scottish Megaraks were:

Stone-hugging, circle-finding, Moulin-loving, pudding-eating, pylon-watching, cup-mark-dipping, spaniel-shoving, cat-washing, rat-grooming, sheep-scaring, seal-barking, horse-whispering, GPS-ignoring, fence-climbing, metonic cycling, hide-and-seeking, Peterson-fearing, Oddie-impersonating, Burnham-baiting, A9-infaming, list-amending, Cowan-pointing-at-and-laughing, roadsign-surfing, and other interests too many to mention....

A strange assortment of like-minded individuals who met periodically to stare at stones and then eat copious amounts of pudding. Follow their bizarre antics via the links below:

Megarak Meet - November 18th 2000

Megarak Meet - July 28th 2002

Megarak Meet - October 13th 2002

Megarak Meet - November 10th 2002

Megarak Meet - February 9th 2003

Megarak Meet - June 1st 2003

Megarak Meet - November 9th 2003

Megarak Meet - November 21st 2004

Worryingly, some of these eccentric people also used to run websites. Here are the remaining working links - and you HAVE been warned:

Andy: The Megalithic Sites of Perthshire

Marian: Friends of Grampian Stones

Martin: Ancient Scotland

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